User Control 2014 14.615 Final

User Control 2014 14.615 Final

User Control 2014 - программа от немецких разработчиков, предназначенная для контроля за работой других пользователей на компьютере. Поддерживает ведение списка пользователей, что позволяет создать для каждого пользователя определенный набор прав. Позволяет ограничить доступ пользователей к Рабочему столу, установке оборудования или программ или полностью запретить доступ в Панель управления. Может ограничить работу пользователя по времени. В последней версии изменён интерфейс, появилась возможность создавать список пользователей, добавились настройки, исправлены ошибки. Можно выключить компьютер в определённое время и запретить дальнейший вход в систему.

User Control Overview

Improved software filter: For any application, establish whether it is always available, never available, or restricted by time. User Control shows both the application name and the name of the executable file. An application can be made available only at specified times.

Controlling window titles: You can set restrictions not only for individual applications, but also for specified window titles. Window titles can be blocked system-wide or for individual applications.

Desktop Protection: To prevent changes to a desktop once it has been set up, you can lock in its appearance. This means that you can stop individual icons from being moved, deleted, or renamed. You can also prevent hiding of the start menu or the taskbar.

Internet Safety: Use filter categories, such as “sex” or “chat” to determine the types of web content you would like to allow or prohibit. You can also prevent downloading of .exe and .zip files.

Say yes to the web, but...: Define which web pages (URL's) or keywords you don't want to see on your computer. Users who surf to one of these pages will see a warning message displayed. You can also import or export lists of restrictions.

Protecting the Start Menu, Desktop and more: You can restrict access to a large number of Windows system settings. For example, you can prevent the display of individual items on the start menu, restrict access to Control Panel, prevent logging off or shutting down, and much more.

Kiosk mode for public PC: Use the Kiosk mode for any of your public PCs. Start a defined program or a defined website. For websites you can use the User Control Internet browser. This special browser displays your website without any fancy functions. Just your page. And nothing else.

Log files: Use this page to see what happened while your computer was online, and which user was logged on. The logs show you both a list of started applications and of websites that were visited. The list can be exported into formats such as Excel or text.

E-Mail Report: You are also able to get all the logfiles via e-mail. At PC startup, at PC shutdown or at special event.

Settings: You can configure whether users will see warning messages, how often the log files are to be reset, or if User Control is to run in “hidden” mode.

User Control 2014 14.615 Final User Control 2014 14.615 Final

Год выпуска : 2014
Лекарство : key-BLiZZARD
Операционная система : Windows® XP|Vista|7 & 8
Страница программы :
Язык интерфейса : english
Размер : 24.7 Mb


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